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Does VeraMeat have a podcast? Yes! Vera interviews her model, actor, artist, writer friends. Check it out here:

To see the full list of podcasts:

verameat podcast




Do sales and discounts apply to everything in store?  Most things!! Verameat pop-up sales and customer discounts can be used on all items retailing for over $40. There are limitations to the discounts on Verameat precious collections as well, but it depends on the sale. 

How can I use my store credit code?

There will be a promo code box during checkout. Please keep in mind discounts cannot be stacked. If a site-wide sale is happening, credit codes will not work. 




What is your refund/exchange policy?
Our store policy is NO refunds or returns, though we are happy to exchange items that you are unsatisfied with within a 30 day period of receiving them for a different item or different size, provided that the original piece is in original condition and accompanied with a receipt. Purchases made on sale days are final sale and cannot be exchanged.

My ring is broken or damaged - can I get a replacement?
We will replace a damaged or broken piece up to 30 days from the date you receive it if the damage is on account of a manufacturing issue on our part. We have strict quality control in place and every piece is inspected by our team to ensure the that only the highest quality items make it to you. 

What happens if my jewelry breaks after 30 days of purchase?
Please provide photos of the issue so we can determine the best course of action. Please be ready to provide your receipt from original purchase.

Contact with all inquiries. We will get back to you within 5-10 business days. 


Please note, during sales over 50%, if we're out of an item you ordered, we'll send a similar one that's in stock. 

I've placed an online and need an update. Who do I call or email?
Please email us at All of your orders are packed by hand at the Studio. That is the best time to contact us and to expect a timely response. Customer service hours are Tuesday-Friday 9:00a-5:00p EST. 

How long does it take to get my VeraMeat?
If items ordered are not in stock, we special order it for you! Special orders take about 2-4 weeks to be made and prepared for shipping, which should be added to the following shipping services and turn around times:

USPS Standard Shipping (Domestic) 1–5 weeks
USPS Standard Shipping (Int'l) 2–6 weeks
USPS Express Mail (Int'l) 3–5 business days
FedEx Expedited (Domestic) 3–5 business days

Special Orders
Please allow 3-5 weeks for all special order jewelry to be handmade, just for you!

For any faster shipping services or to inquire on available stock, please email us at We love our customers and will do what it takes to make you happy!

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship to every place the post office lets us! Depending on your location you may need to cover customs for your package once it arrives. 

What if you don't have my size online?
Shoot us an email at! 

What if I would like something in a different material?
Email us at

I'm ordering a present - do you gift wrap?
Yes, it comes in a fancy VeraMeat box with a bow and with VM postcards you can write your greeting on! You can also email us a personal message that we can write out on the postcard for you.

Can I order a different chain than what is offered online?
Sure! Email us at Usually the chains Vera uses are 18", 24" and 30". Vera often chooses which chain she thinks works best for each style, but if you’d like another length, just ask!

What if I have questions about the online store?
Please send any questions about our online store or online purchases to

Is there an international ring size chart?
Yes there are many online, like this one:

How do I find my ring size?
You can use this nifty site:

Does my order come with a packing slip/receipt?

Orders do not come with the packing slip/receipt in the package.


Is VeraMeat jewelry eco-friendly?
Yes, We also use a recycled caster in Manhattan for our silver jewelry. Plus, our tote bags are made from recycled material.

Is the silver sterling silver? Also, what is gold fill?
Yes, the silver is not plated, it is solid sterling silver. Our gold fill chains are silver chains dipped in 14k gold. No VeraMeat charms are plated. Our copper items are solid copper.

I have some VeraMeat & I’d like to polish it, how do I do it?
For silver you can make a paste of baking soda and water and gently buff with a cloth or tooth brush. You can also use white toothpaste. Or boil with baking soda and 1 teaspoon of salt for just a few minutes and polish with soft cloth.

For red copper make paste using lemon and salt or cut a lemon in half, dip into course salt, polish and rinse. You can also place a lot of salt in a little water, add enough vinegar to cover the salt, place copper in the bowl & rinse after 5 minutes.

For gold use a little white toothpaste and polish with soft cloth.

For gold brass—believe it or not—tomato sauce works well if you rinse with water after. You can also make a lemon and baking soda solution. Also, the vinegar and salt with soft cloth method works well. Rub with olive oil after to prevent tarnishing!

Will the copper and gold brass turn my fingers green?
It depends one hundred percent on the person. Those with dry skin have less chance of fingers turning green. You can put clear nail polish inside ring which will protect it and your fingers. If you are unsure about what metal allergies you might have, sterling silver is always the safest bet. Watch the Video below on why we like to use Gold Brass! 





What are Vera's favorite rings?


Does VeraMeat make commercials for certain items?
Most certainly! Here is our latest one:

Heard you have a mascot Mera?
Yes! Kitten Mera and Grandpa are on insta @badasscats 


18" chain is just above the cleavage

24" chain is at about chest level

30" chain is just below.

Watch video below to see where the chains would fit on you!


How do I get VeraMeat into my store?
If you're a store owner & you'd like to stock VeraMeat please contact and for a line sheet and more information.


We offer discounts for you & even collaborations! Email direct and we'll figure something out. We appreciate your work & want to support it!


I'm interested in interning at VeraMeat! Who can I contact?
We are always looking for eager and positive people to work with us! Please email us at with a short paragraph about why you're interested, your resume, your availability and we'll get back to you. Subject line should be "Internship."


Agreement to Receive Emails 

By providing your email, you agree that Verameat may send you periodic email messages containing but not limited to important information, updates, deals, secret news, giveaway, and more! 

  • You will receive up to 2 emails per week. 
  • You may unsubscribe at anytime by clicking 'unsubscribe' at the bottom of our emails 
  • For help, send us an email at 

If you have any questions please contact us at 

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