Each piece of VERAMEAT jewelry is inspired by a self-sufficient life form with a sculptural presence. VERAMEAT designs are hand-crafted in New York City from fine materials such as 100% recycled sterling silver and pure 14 karat gold. We create artfully refined, contemporary heirlooms that suit your individual style and inspire your adventures.

VERAMEAT is Vera Balyura, a teller of winding tales who always seeks the extraordinary. Born in Ukraine, Vera recalls woodcarving with her grandfather, horseback riding in Utah, and high fashion modeling in New York all before the age of 14. Each design represents an experience that is at once personal yet universal. World traveling, making music, maritime sagas, botanical miracles, anatomical structures, and the history of the world are all contributing inspirations to the jewelry. VERAMEAT crafts keepsakes for everyone - from mutant dinosaurs to futuristic visions of rogue spacemen in galaxies unknown.

The collection is characterized by richly articulate surfaces, wearability, and subtle details which are exacted with a precision Vera inherited from her grandmother, a surgeon. The repertoire is playful and ferocious: dinosaurs devour fried chicken, disembodied hands glimmer in sunlight, and when Hipshark bumps against your heart, you’ve made a friend for life.

VERAMEAT’s patron ensemble includes Miranda July, Michel Gondry, Jenna Malone, and Tilda Swinton, among other great minds. VERAMEAT has been interviewed by NYLON and featured in the People We Like section of themorningnews.org. Most recently Khloe Kardashian chose VERAMEAT’s silver Bad Ass Knuckle Duster three-finger ring as her Hall of Style Shopflick Pick!