A brand new Vera Meat pattern created with Vera's favorite magical things in mind. First there's the beautiful yet horrifying Rafflesia carnivorous flower which can eat small animals. Then there is the Kitsune fox which can shape shift into human form, Vera sometimes dreams of the Alicorn also known as Pegacorn which she believes is one of her guides, during a 12 day silent meditation retreat Vera saw a delightful snake with multiple heads she felt was escorting her into a magical future of creatures like the Kotobuki which is a chimera like Vera but of twelve animals of the zodiac. Now if that's not a mouth full you may like looking at and wearing this beautiful pattern instead and see if you can't figure out what else is shown!

Just like the magic dress, your fav print is now in bathing suit form! Great as a shirt or swimsuit! One size fits most.