Small Business Class Part 1

Get a download of a 10 part video series. This is for part 1 advice on starting a small business. This will deal with name of brand, things you must do in 1st year and what Vera learned from her successful brand of many years. Also, will deal with wholesale vs retail vs online and what Vera recommends from dealing with all of these for over 7 years! Also ways to sell your product when you first start! So you don’t need investors! 

You'll get a download for a different video every week and you'll be charged once-a-month. The first set of classes is a 4-month class. The next month when you're charged, you'll get parts 5-8 and so on. 

This download is over 10 minutes of footage. Part 2 will deal with opening a physical location and what comes with that. 

Part 3 will deal with pr and celebs and how to get your brand out there. Vera does this without spending much money and wants to Tal you how to do the same thing!

Part 4 will deal with employee advice and dealing with taxes and other things you have to do. Things you don’t want to forget as they can get you into allot of trouble in the future.

Part 5 deals with what you can do to keep customers, keep engagement, what to send in online orders and how to manage your office. Things you must have and ways to make your brand unique and original. What to sell and how to pick your brands ‘thing’. 

A new episode will come each week! Buy em all! They’ll only be live for 2 weeks at a time so get em while they’re available! With everyone spending more time at home this is a great time to start your passion project!   

 If you don't receive the next video in the series, just email 

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