Get snatched and be your best self with this hearts club zodiac ring reminding you who you are. Snag your rising and moon sign ring. Makes a fab bestie gift! 

Our Winter babes: For Capricorn. the amazonite can help sooth your anxious thinking and can also help with healing your past traumas! For Aquarius, the garnet can be a symbol of truth, purity, and even personal power! And for Pisces, the amethyst can help you promote your inner balance and peace. 

Our Spring babes: For Aries, the aquamarine stone is great to help bring you courage and overcome your anxieties! For Taurus, white quartz can help you with your physical, emotional, and mental balance. And for Gemini, malachite can absorb your negative energy and pollutants. 

Our Summer babes:  For Cancer, the lilac amethyst can help you with your spiritual healing and calmness. For Leo, red agate can enhance your creativity and strengthen your intellect! And for Virgo, green fluorite can help smooth your anxiety and your nerves. 

Our Fall babes: For Libra, blue vein stone can help you with your emotional harmony and calm your panic. For Scorpio, pink quartz can bring you joy and love, and can also keep you energized. And for Sagittarius, citrine can help your build your self-esteem! 

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