As Memphis Minnie & then Bob Dylan said 'When you're rooster crows at the break of dawn look out your window and I'll be gone you're the reason I'm trav'lin' on don't think twice it's all right.' Shit happens in NY where this Cockfight got going but there's no blood some fights are worth every feather you loose. And that's what this scarf represents. Spreading your wings and giving them back some shit. Don't go down easy child don't go down slow, go out with a fight or just never go out at all cause you got the fight in you, you're alive!

Every direction in life is a good direction and you may even find some treasure along the way where you least expect it. Just keep going keep rocking!

Two chickens fighting to win your love attention. Limited edition 100% silk scarf with hand rolled edges in size 35" x 35" you can wear as a scarf, cape, head scarf, beautiful fancy wrap dress or wrap shirt options are limitless! Looks elegant, badass and lasts forever so treat her right!! Get some wearable art into your life and bring oh so many compliments your way!