If you need a hand with some magic power, here it is! Happiness is yours with the Wunjo rune if you stay focused on the reward at the end of your hard work. It is important to stay optimistic and to remember that you can pair wishful thinking with effort in order to reach your destination.

Wunjo helps to stave of sadness and negativity. By removing the negative thoughts the universe can shower the receiver with the gifts that they are meant to receive.

Wunjo is a rune of love, and social communities. Togetherness and celebration.

Sometimes to find joy you need to look at things differently, and wunjo can help bring clarity to a situation, or help us to shift our thought patterns so that we can find the joy that we seek. By shifting, the right opportunities and the right people come into our lives when we need them. Wunjo is a rune of sweet serendipity, the light heart, rewards and advancement.

* Size of the charm: 0.7" 


455 kr