Wild Nothing Engagement Ring

This unique and elegant Sterling Silver ring is complete with a super special Alexandrite stone that changes color. Depending on the light, it goes from light green to pink to iridescent purple. Keep them guessing and keep yourself entertained with this mysterious ring. A great gift for the most special someone. It's a limited edition part of the VeraMeat Engagement Collection. 

A bit about the Alexandrite stone- it was discovered in Russia during the reign of Tzar Alexandr II. Channel your inner heiress while wearing a stone that balances emotions, soothes the soul, and promotes spiritual growth... OMG!  In daylight, this every changing mineral is of a bluish-green color and transforms to crimson (a stone that caters to those mood swings.) The powers of this stone are matched by it's rarity and brilliance. Ps- this gorg stone is Vera's fave! 

541 kr