May 17, 2018

Thank You Magical Creatures!

Seven years ago today I was a super young thin girl who wanted to start a business. Everyone, literally each person I asked, told me they thought it was a bad idea. Who ever heard of an eccentric model with no investors or savings starting a successful accessories brand. Well I didn't care what anyone said and started verameat.com
Through the support of you all purchasing VM through my website, a few years later I was able to not only stay in business but open retail stores! I can't tell you how thankful I am for your insanely thoughtful life changing love and support. As you all know I love a good sale so we're doing 60% off which I literally never ever do, but want to today to say seriously thank you so much for helping me make a wearable art brand a whopping success! 



On instagram @verameat many of you ask me what inspires me so I thought I'd make a short fun list, I'll try to condense but it's hard!!  


Movie's, my Father was a film producer so I grew up on film sets, oh love: 
1. Beau Travail, The Intruder & Trouble Every Day by Claire Denis (adults only, French)
2. Brewster Mccloud & Harold and Maude (Great double feature)
2. Death Becomes Her, Addams Family-Values, Best in Show, Edward Scissorhands (America All Ages)
3. The Birds, The Shining & for a laugh Once Bitten (Cult Vibes)
4. Regular Lovers or anything Phillipe Garrel (Careful You'll Cry)
5. Charlie Kaufman anything especially Synecdoche NY, Eternal Sunshine..., Being John Malkovich. Also Spike Jonze ahah.
6. Wes Anderson everything especially with Bill Murray and Groundhogs Day !! 
7. David Lynch films but also his music it's sick!
8. Hayao Miyazaki aka Spirited Away
9. Michael Haneke's The Piano Teacher as Isabelle Huppert is my Goddess of all.
10. Loved The Limey as a child and would Tell Em I'm Cominggggg like Terrance Stamp.



Music, wow this is going to be beyond tough!! Some of you may not know my Mother and I are child piano prodigy's as we live for music.
1a. Patti Smith's Horses record art poetry presence
1b. Nina Simone forever and always I Love You Porgy & in film Point of No Return!
1c. Sharon Van Etten's hugs music and spirit.
2. Grimes art vibes flesh without blood, kill v. maim
3. Rachmaninoff
3b. Pauli's song I Don't Care is my anthem about boy girl things. 
4. Undertow by Warpaint is my shower song.
5. Numbers, No Care or New Ways by Daughters are great for night driving.
6. Hey Moon by John Maus when walking in the dark by yourself.
7. Paul Simon's special on SNL 1977. 
8. Mr Rogers singing on his show or just talking.
9. Nirvana's journal and video's.
10. David Letterman's laugh is music to my ears.


Books, all these are on audible great for road trip or NY Subway listening, I listen to at least 2 a week:
1. The Weiser Field Guide to Witches by my friend Judika Illes
2. On Writing by Stephen King
3. William Blake, Percy Shelley & Lord Byron poetry! 
4. Anything by Oliver Sacks especially Island of the Colorblind.
5. Neil Young's Special Deluxe...
6. Roald Dahl & You are Special by Fred Rogers
7. H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald who I met in Big Sur while reading her book!
8. Sarah Addison Allen's witchy books mixed with Betty Whites, finished in 1 week.
9. David Sedaris reading is best on a bus then read Kelly Oxford.
10. Books by mediums Theresa Caputo, James Van Praagh, Kim Russo, Laura Lynne Jackson.
Bonus: My Extraordinary Ordinary Life read by the best voice of all Sissy Spacek.


Hope the above makes you inspired in your everyday life. And hey you won't even believe the new things coming to VeraMeat later this year. Can you say jumpsuit purrfection? All made possible by your support!


You da bomb, you da queen, you da MVP and you make dreams happen!
Vera Meat



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