Tiny Cheshire Luv Alexandrite

A tiny version of Cheshire Luv Kitty, two tiny kitty heads hugging a color changing alexandrite stone. Channel your inner heiress while wearing a stone that balances emotions, soothes the soul, and promotes spiritual growth... OMG!  In daylight, this every changing mineral is of a champagne-green colour and transforms to light orange (a stone that caters to those mood swings ;) The powers of this stone are matched by it's rarity and brilliance. Ps- this gorg stone is Vera's fave.

Also on this ring the Cat power animal teaches us patience and waiting for the right time to act. To be curiosity, be able to see in the dark, patience, independence, spirit of adventure, courage, how to remain quiet and serve, agility and flexibility. Healing from the inside out this cat wants to guide you to a more beautiful life.