Bunny loves having a sweet smooch on your ring. Beautiful color change Alexandrite crystal makin magic between them. A delicate  unique band as the base. Great to layer on top of a unique band! 

If a Rabbit is your power animal here is what it means. Rabits remind us to examine and utilize the tools we have within us. So let it guide you and face your fears with compassion for yourself first. The Rabbit inspires you be more humble and eat healthy. Plan more and go over your plans again, let the Rabbit teach you these affirmations. 

Alexandrite stone changes from grey blue to soft pink to royal purple depending on the light you're in! Inspiring you at every turn. Perfect as a gift for a loved one or yourself hah!

This ring comes with a unique art card pictures in the last photo in our ring photo's so you can write an inspiring message or put it up as art on your inspiration wall!