Creative Day

Fridays are a creative day I spend this my girl Fiona pictured below. As we sample Aux Merveilleux dessert as they opened a store right next to our studio in...

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My Art

Many people have asked me when I started drawing. Here is a man in a hat I saw in a dream when I was 10.  In the dream I was...

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Varied Interests

Hey Everyone. Thanks for catching me on day two of my write everyday to mystery internet readers. I am debating on getting a new friend for Fred Meat our Affenpinscher...

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At the VeraMeat studio with hurricane Juno outside. It's actually more beautiful then it is terrifying see: Fred went out 9 times before it was noon: I have to admit...

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Hotels City Forevah!

If you want to know me know this, I LOVE hotels, love love. Kisses under the pillow cause it's secret oh so close to my heart, yay hotels. Yesterday was...

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It's My Bday

It's my Birthday & I'm drinking tea in the jungle. Ok I'm at my favorite lighthouse in Saugerties New York, my friends who run it just made a person, who I'm...

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