Introducing Vera's first novel, called The Hum. Story is set in Big Sur, California and describes Girl Boy friendship that find themselves in hellish heaven. 

Available on AMAZON and KINDLE

Vera answered some questions about the book, the story and her creative process. Read about how the book was created:


How long have you been writing?
Vera: I wrote my first novel at age 10. I'm actually tweeking that 200+ page novel and will publish it next year. The Hum is part 2 of a 3 part Novel series. So look out for those other two parts later this year. And any lovely fan readers reading this please send me feedback! I live to grow :)
What is your writing process?
Vera: I often write in bed first thing in the morning for a couple hours with my kitten and puppy. Or at a tiny little white table near my fireplace in my living room. I've always wanted to have a fireplace because the smokey smell gets my creative juices gushing. Though I also love to travel and write in hotels near a window with room service near by.
Why did you want to write this book?
Vera: Books are magical artifacts to me, I've always thought they where little windows to a another dimension. I was also inspired by Patti Smith, who I know from my teen years in New York. My jewelry has a narrative quality and so I wanted to extend that as I have had fans write in asking where my jewelry stories are taken from. Plus I saw how Patti is a famous rock star poet yet she managed to make time to write two books now so why not me.
Why did you want to tell this kind of best friend story?
Vera: I've noticed in many tales the female character often shown as the manipulative weak one who will stop at nothing to get the Guy. Yes living in cities all over the world and meeting thousands of people through modeling and having a brand has not shown me this. So I thought it's about time for a another young female voice. I was so sick of having so many male voices pushed on me in school and I'd have to go to the library to get books by women. Often I'd wish there where more younger female writers so I became one! 
What's your favorite snack to have when writing?
Vera: When in London I go to Biju bubble tea spot and get the Rooibos tea with coconut jelly but in NY I go to Boba Guys and get the Green Tea Oat Milk Latte with honey. Also seaweed is a staple. Oh and a secret delight, don't tell anyone, are liquor chocolates! 
How did you pick the artwork?
Vera: I've always been in Love with Anja Slibar's artwork and lucky for me we're close Pals so I asked her and she knew just what to do! I can't be happier with how it turned out and I feel it ads an extra lovely depth to my writing. Like swimming in a pool then realizing there is a secret tunnel to that exits at a lush rainforest! 
Do you spend allot of time in Big Sur?
Vera: Yes I actually wrote some of this story at Big Sur River Inn restaurant and stayed at many of the little cabins they have there. I try to go at least once a year if not twice as my family lives near there in Los Angeles. Every year when the New York winter gets bad I start dreaming of CA and Big Sur! I released this book on Halloween as I thought it would be a great book to read during the holidays! Has a horror movie scene in it to match that holiday feeling haha! 
What do you say to the people asking if these are real people in this story?
Vera: Write what you know is my motto yet I like to squeeze two or three people I know into one character like a sexy Chimera then sprinkle a little magic Vera Meat dust on them. So thank you to all my friends who tell really long stories then tell me to use them, I love you!
So when can we look forward to more updates on the new Vera Meat books?
Vera: Normally I update my instagram stories allot so follow @verameat You may just see my different color eye cat and gremlin dog too!


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