We're currently raising money to buy a VeraMeat work live space. Hope you're needing some Valentines Day or just Everyday Fab gifts! Thank you for supporting a small female run and owned company who's only investors are our customers!
Q: What's the first thing you do in the morning to start your day?
I feed my hungry little gremlins Mera and Fred. Then I shower and adorn myself with VeraMeat bling and clothing before I head into my east village shop at 315 E 9th St NYC. Some days I can't go in as have to do a photoshoot with our new products or am working on 3 novels I've already finished, well I'm on the 3rd draft. Getting ready to send them to agents!! So excited to get their feedback!!
Q: How do you balance your time designing and finding the time to answer all the emails?
I love talking with my customers and DM'ing on instagram @verameat That kinda is a fun way to breakup my day as fans always have the most beautiful photos to share with their bling. Lifts my spirits right up and reminds me why I do it. Especially when customers say VeraMeat has brought them luck, even their true love sometimes. 
Q: What's your favorite object in your work area? Plants, Artwork, Magic?
I have a fireplace mantel that I gather my favorite designs, books, candles and artifacts I've found in my travels. I love to sit in my vintage rocking chair warming my feet by the fire and answer work emails. 
Q: People say the charms they buy at Verameat are their luck charms. How do you bring magic in your jewelry?
Often I will lay out jewelry at a new or full moon and make a blessing over it. Or do a healing or color aura spell. My relatives are shamans from Siberia so I like to add some of their magic into my work. But also I just spend time making my jewelry and clothing with great detail which I think just adds to the character of the personal wearing it and gives them that extra little shine to make their day even brighter. 
Q: What else can we find in your workshop?
I would love love to have more space for clothing. That's why I'm trying to buy a house. So I can really build a separate area for each part of the business. But right now we have an inspiration board I'm very found of and jewelry area. But we are making plans to expand to a new work space hopefully soon with the help of our fans as we don't have big business investors. Just our customers buying VeraMeat to help us grow each year.
Q: How does it feel having a cat help you on your designs?
As you can imagine Kitten Mera is the best possible hard working co-worker. She helps us in the dream state by sending telepathic messages. She also is a top notch amazing model. I actually had a vision of her before I met her in real life. 
Q: Is Mera a good co-worker?
Mera shows up each and every day, after her tuna breakfast she is ready to go, she sits on my lap or on my work desk for 8 even 12 hours sometimes. If I get tired she'll start typing up her own emails and give me energy to get going on my own again.
Q: What inspires you in your mostly girl VM team of co-workers?
Well our art director Anja Slibar just has the most magical illustration style and it's beyond wonderful to see it in our pins, jackets and other products. We are different enough yet similar enough to make everything we create together the perfect must have item for our fans. I feel very lucky to have found her and many of our other co-workers mostly on social media. It's great to work with people who already love and understand your product. As fans know best what's the next raddest step for VeraMeat.
Q: Do you ever get annoyed at work and how do you balance yourself back?
Yes of course I get annoyed like anyone, I mean NY is a stressed packed city. I love to drink bubble tea to calm me down. Also I take Kava Kava vitamins and I eat lots of protein which always makes me feel powerful. 
Q: If you do, how do you end your work day?
I like to cuddle with my little pets at the end of the day. They get their dinner and then they like to telepathically tell me about their own days thoughts. Fred goes on a walk if it isn't raining or snowing. Then I make a healthy dinner and lately I've been listening to audio books while I sort out personal life stuff like looking for a house. Some of my favorites are Stephen King's book On Writing because his voice has so much inspiring energy in it, Sissy Spacek's My Extraordinary Ordinary Life because of her accent or Neil Youngs Special Deluxe as we both love those old boat size cars. My favorite is the 1964 Lincoln Continental with suicide doors.
Q: What else is planned for Verameat?
Well we are growing our stone collection and have more androgynous-mens jewelry coming daily. We're just trying to keep up with what our current customers are asking for. Plus I'm hoping to put out my new books with a publisher, they have beautiful artwork by Anja Slibar. Fingers crossed it will happen this year! 

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