We're having an art show to honour Halloween and our in-house artist Anja Slibar. She made some monster inspired art that will also be available for purchase. We talked to her about the show but if you want to talk more about it in person come to our Brooklyn store (123 N 5TH ST 11249) this Saturday 29th from 6-9pm.
What made you love monsters?
I don't love monsters, I just love horror movies and the suspense they create. If anything, I'm afraid of monsters. Especially the ones in human form. 
Why scary movies?
I had a very fun childhood. My mom would let me watch horror movies and other kids weren't allowed to. I started loving them so much I'd spend my highschool friday nights in front of TV watching all the cool american slashers. Now it's just fun to watch them because I feel safe on the other side of the screen. 
Who is your favorite scary amazing artist?
I think Jessica Harrison is definitely one of the cool ones. She creates these beautiful porcelain figurines with their head chopped off, of slid throats or even injured bodies so their guts would stick out. 
What do you love most about Brooklyn?
That it's so easy and chill. I love that people here are young and fresh and full of hope. And of course I love the view of Manhattan, so close but just far enough to escape that craziness.
What's your favorite thing about drawing?
I don't get excited before drawing anything anymore. It became a daily thing. It became a part of work which if I think about it can be my favorite thing about it. It became work.
I hear there will be amazing some amazing food drink, tshirts and surprises at your art show in the BK VeraMeat store at 132 N 5th St. What can you tell us about that? 
I can confirm all that. We'll have a Carrie themed cake that I always wanted to get as a bday cake. There will be free beer from Brooklyn brewery. You'll be able to buy original art, limited edition silk screen printed t-shirts and tote bags and the best thing-- I'll pick of out my favorite Halloween inspired Verameat pieces yay!

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