1. Chad VanGaalen - Molten Light (I actually dreamed this before I saw it,
can't explain how that happened...) 

2. PAULi. - i DON'T CARE (If I made a video it would look like this) 

3. Warpaint - Elephants (simple good song simple good lighting)

Such good lighting!

4. Grimes - Oblivion is huge but I currently love Flesh Without Blood
(Yes it's overrated but there's a reason) 

5. Alex Cameron - She's Mine (Why isn't this guy a household name? #Poet)

6. FKA Twigs - Two Weeks (Probably my favorite song, just wish she
didn't wear those pants in da video, otherwise perfect!)
As far as video, I probably like this the most:

7. Mothxr - Victim (Not just picking this because my friend is in the band,
but seriously dis music feels good) 

8. Daughter - Numbers (For anyone who's lived in NY you know dis)

9. Dinosaur Jr - Over It (Great for when you're just over someone or something)

10. Wolf Alice - Fluffy (Best Friend vibes from my favorite band)