Metal Rose

Today I found out Demi Moore and her daughter Tallulah Willis have amazing taste in jewelry. T is wearing a VeraMeat Lady Cuff and Demi is showing off her VeraMeat Frenchie Ring. Love these Gals and their casual stylish ways.

Fridays Fio and I make perfume and write. Here's Fio writing some perfume labels after getting her strength from eating shrimp fresh from the Chelsea Market. I'm super into my Lady Metal today, you should know I drink a min. of 10 cups of tea a day so need tea recommends? I'm the one to ask!

Lately I'm really into: 

1. Ginger Twist by Mighty Leaf

2. Royal King Sinus Buster Honeysuckle Herb Tea

3. Earl Grey Lavender by Choice Organic

4. Peppermint Tea by Harney & Sons if you need stomach help

5. Green Tea with Ginger and Cardamom by Buddha's Herbs Wings

Try em out and let me know how you like them! XOX Vera


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