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Weekend Means Fried Chicken

I had a fun day of watching Somewhere by Sofia Coppola and went out with my Sunday Funday model friend Courtney. We have the best luck together. Last weekend we had lunch right next to the beautiful talented Dakota Fanning. Who actually sent me a thank you letter for VeraMeat. So I said hello and her boyfriend was very cool. He picked Tea & Sympathy as a date spot so he's basically a genius in my eyes. Any guy who's cool enough to love tea is the shit. Dakota was seriously so breathtaking in person. Very strong as you'd expect but seriously great features. As a cinematography lover (see my new film, I don't think anyone has yet lit her as well as they could. 

So Courtney and I's plan was to see Big Eyes or Still Alice with Julianne Moore. Julianne actually wore my tote and jewelry in What Maisie Knew so I have to support her film. Anyway we decided to get Fried Chicken as movie food at Dirty Bird. Then Courtney told me she hadn't been to Donut Planet so that was next. But after we where literally the last customers at Donut Planet and they gave us thier last 5 donuts for the price of one - I lost my phone. They where so nice to help me look. When Courtney tried calling my phone a cutie Mexican man answered and said we could meet him downtown near Canal St. So we drove down hoping not to miss our movie. But this mans English wasn't amazing and our Find Your iPhone app told us his address but his co workers at a delivery spot said he'd just left but he'd be back in 30 minutes. So we sat in our car eating donuts and fried chicken talking to delivery men. It was seriously the best time. 

Then we went to Black Market to say hi to my old friend from who I haven't seen in 3 years. Of coarse Matt Hitt was Dj'ing, he's a magical boy creature. One of those boys who give great hugs and makes your imagination sing. Ok fine he touched my boob I assume by accident when saying hi. It was pretty surprising.  Oh NY nights! You never know what to expect! Latkis was doing magic tricks and bartending. Latkis is seriously a genius person and drummer. NY rocks because you have these amazing neighborhood friends who like Matt and Latkis are so talented yet sweet people who are fun to hang. Alexa Chung is actually very cool in person and chills in the East Village. Maybe I'm just a big fan of magic tricks. Either way it's time for me to get back to falling asleep listening to Danse Macabre by Stephen King. I loved his "On Writing" book and yah it was my first by him but it was rad. Ok night.


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