Day Off

It's my day off and I'm hanging in the west village with my BFF and VeraMeat mascot Fred Meat. All the girls with their periods today say hey! My thoughts about periods are that everyone should be able to talk about them freely. Also feminine hygiene products should be free like toilet paper. They are necessary for more then 50% of our population. This bit of the population is responsible for us ALL having life. Without the period not one of us would be here today. How do you like them apples. 

It's the last day of the month and our illustration competition judge Anja Slibar and I have chosen lovely Ivana Jancikova as our illustration winner this month. We have a monthly competition for the VeraMeat brand to show off the work of our fans illustrations. Then we display their work in the VeraMeat boutiques. I love illustration work as a visual artist myself I find drawing and looking at art very therapeutic. Its fun for us VeraMeat girls to see the different interpretations of the VM brand.

In other news I've gotten into the Big Sur writing retreat! Maybe part of the reason I'm more excited to write a daily Musings blog entry here! It's happening this March and seriously this is one of the biggest things to ever happen to me. I wrote my first novel at age 10. Really can't remember a time I didn't love telling or hearing stories. Looking into flights and secret spaces in Big Sur . 

Just watched a delightful inspiring film called Miss You Can Do It. About a pagent for girls with disabilities on HBO Go. We all are different and it makes us more interesting. When I was in Ukraine teachers told me I was gifted and could go to private study if I could get a math problem solved before class began. They'd write it on the chalkboard, let me walk up and have 6 min to solve it. At first I couldn't understand how I possibly could solve a math problem I'd never been taught to understand. But then I would realize I understood what all the variables meant and all I had to do was put them all together. I realized this puzzle was a doorway into a beautiful mystical moving puzzle inside my own brain. 

When I got to the US my savant'ness was seen as a disability. I was told I probably had autism, ADD and anything else that meant I needed to take a little pill before class to calm down. I was told not to do my math test in 2 min. instead to take the proper 45 minutes it took the other kids. I could easily spend more time but I was previously taught to do everything fast because I had a purpose, a gift. At 4 years old I rewrote a Liszt piece for my audition to a gifted kids school. After performing I was told I could be a composer when I grew up. My taking apart another persons work was a good thing. It meant I wanted to make a harmonious balanced story between notes and emotions. True. 

I know not every child is a target for being different in the US. But all I'm saying is it's important for everyone to educate themselves on being kind and tolerant of others eccentricities. Even liking our neighbors differences as Mr Rogers might say. Yes that Mr Rogers! The slow walking, slow speaking, quick to take off his sweater, and change his shoes in the house - Rogers! His show helped me not call it quits as I wanted to once around age 10. Any immigrant person will know it's real hard to adjust to a new country. Even if you're used to traveling a lot as a child. Europe is so much more chill about individuality. It's hard for an artist to conform and it was hard for me. 

Thanks all you lovely people for being curious about my life and reading this all the way to the end. I thank my lucky stars to be a person of interest to anybody now in what feels like old age. Any former child prodigy will tell you it feels like you digress as you age. I can't play the piano anymore and I can't do math super well. I'm a different animal now. Who feels it's her duty to wish you a cool kid weekend, wherever you are. 

Now for tittynopes (aka small quantities of something's left over). Get your windklepickers out (aka pointed toe boots) and get outside! You may find a doodle sack (aka bagpipe). Happy Weekend!


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