My Art

Many people have asked me when I started drawing. Here is a man in a hat I saw in a dream when I was 10. 

In the dream I was on a European street and saw him sitting in a cafe. We welcomed me inside with his index finger. I had this strange feeling that if I went inside everything would change forever. But I went in anyway, then he showed me another room in the cafe but it was the same as the room we where in and when I tried to leave out the front door it led to the same cafe. The white haired man with all the scares on his face is how I saw myself as this was a self portrait of my 10 year old self. I was getting trained to be a concert pianist and composer and I think I was very upset at having to be ripped out of this program which I enjoyed. Just to move to the US a country I had no interest in. Now of coarse I'm happy to be here. But it took awhile to get to this point and strangely this white haired man is guarding a key necklace and now I'm a jewelry designer! 

When I was 18 I drew a portrait of how I felt before starting my business after I'd just quite modeling.

The reason I drew an older man is because I felt strong but old. Too much life for too few years. I was excited to live in NY and not travel as much. Having moved at least 3 times a year since I was born up to when I moved to NY! 

Hope you all enjoyed this peak into my young art days! Have a beautiful crisp winter day!


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