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Varied Interests

Hey Everyone. Thanks for catching me on day two of my write everyday to mystery internet readers. I am debating on getting a new friend for Fred Meat our Affenpinscher puppy mascot who you can see on the front of this page! Fred loves all animals, so far its either a white kitty bff or a red puppy bff. Let me know your thoughts.

Another thing of interest to me lately are these articles about how bras don't work. WTF are men blind?! The reason women wear bras is so our body doesn't shake around uncomfortably. Also because it makes us able to sculpt our bodies to how we see fit. Duh bras work and are awesome - the end! I used to be a runner in high school and boy was I disappointed when I got my period and the adult body I was hoping would never come finally came. But when I found bras all was well with the world again. YAY bras! (P.S. There should be a law against any man writing or testing stuff made for women's body's!!)

Next point of interest today was seeing Lena Dunham and Miranda July speak about Miranda's new book at BAM. I've read Lena's new book & REALLY like what she had to say about grown ass old celebrity men treating women as if they have no chance in actually being successful. This has happened to me with famous and non famous men - most of whom are now less successful then me. Definitely read Miranda's book and check out her films, she's very special. 

Be positive about yourself is what I learned seeing these two ladies being so sweet with each other. We all have our touch spots but let's help each other grow and get through it. You all may not know but I'm allergic to oh so many things and I have hyper reactive hypoglycemia. This means I can't eat anything with carbs yet I also have a crazy fast metabolism. Funny thing is I'd like to gain weight yet my body says no way. 

In the past my need to eat every 2-3 hours on the dot has made many men see me as an expensive girlfriend and probably someone who won't be successful. Part of the reason for VeraMeat's name is I have to eat meat every 2-3 hours to stay alive. This has not stopped me from believing in myself and going after my dreams. Some have said I'm too eccentric to not be crazy. Great! Whatever! My true friends know I'm just a hard worker and that's about it. My point is : if I can do it, trust me, you all can do it too! Hard work beats any physical problems or even mental ones, wink wink. Not to say you should seek therapy if you feel you need it as that is a part of hard work and dealing with problems. Not running away from them. I'm going to a therapy session tomorrow for a tune up :)

Positive thinking is truly a magical tool. And surrounding yourself with people that believe in you. Sorry if this is so preachy pep talk time but it's that kind of night. I went to the Lena and Miranda talk with the lovely Fiona who works in my stores and helps me with my writing. She's a treasure and a dream, made me feel nostalgic and lucky to have her in my life.

So if someone takes a blow at you have it make you stronger. Really there where SO many people who wanted to push me down. Even a past employer who's business I changed and grew. Working mostly alone and more then full time.  

When I modeled; and this is after I got into DNA a top 10 agency in NY; many said I would fail. I'll go into my experience and thoughts on modeling another time. Now I work with mostly with women and love seeing them support each other just like Lena & Miranda. I've worked with many men too & not all but many have had it so easy they can't or don't want to see past their own nose. More then half the people in our world have periods, let's just talk about it because it's awesome and blood is a very pretty color. Yes it's painful sometimes but we take care of ourselves. The loopy dream like state some women like me get into is an interesting topic and should be explored. Not by men but by women first. Then men can comment if they truly care to understand and relate to us.

I have the best lawyer in the world. He is a man that's hard working and just gives me hope in humanity. But I'm not afraid to mention that many men I tried to hire where mean and lazy. So I'm all about calling it like I see it. I'm sick of women being pigeon holed and guys being called all the same. We are all unique individuals who should be equal with equal rights. Women and men have asked me how I've build my business. Well I call it like I see it and don't settle in my romantic relationships. I broke up with a man when I started my business because he didn't have confidence in me to stand up for me. Some of his friends made fun of my tiny business and he didn't stop them. Though later he said he knew I could do it I knew it was easy to say that after the fact. Don't let yourself read into a situation to make it what you want. If a dude seems like he just doesn't get it, he doesn't so move on. The second I figured that out - my business grew. Respect yourself everyone! That's all I'm saying here. We're all so unique and interesting. I'd like to give you all the assignment of writing an autobiography every 25 years. Everyone should do it no matter your perceived level of success. I know each of those books would kill it and I want to read them so do it go! Untill tomorrow I'm signing off. Hope this all makes sense as it's 10 minutes before midnight so I don't have time to edit - lol. xox vera


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