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At the VeraMeat studio with hurricane Juno outside. It's actually more beautiful then it is terrifying see:

Fred went out 9 times before it was noon:

I have to admit : I'm not a huge fan of interviews as I always get the same questions. So I'm going to start writing more entries on here so my fans - aka real people - can read if inspired to do so.

My story has taken many turns and many of you may not know I'm an actual immigrant. I was born in Ukraine and came to the US around the age of 5. Some of the things that have happened to me aren't pretty or normal. But that is why I'm such a strange young lady making interesting talismans to brighten you up on the daily. In fact, it's kind of hard to begin at all because there has just been so much. For instance I saw 3 people killed in front of me before the age of 5. That's something I don't know if any magazine wants to know or print. However it's important to know exactly what makes up an artist. The truth reflected in the eye, observed by the retina, and stored in our brains. My stories look like me because they are me and therefore they are eccentric. 

I'll start this lovely storm off with my first eyes on murder scene. I was about 2 years old sitting in a stroller as my Mom and I where making our way to the entrance of a large park.  My eyes drifted to a large poll that had a man hung upside down from it. He had dirt and blood spots all over his otherwise nice cloths. He was being beaten by what looked like uniformed men. This was a regular day near a public park and many Ukranians where trying to get through their day. Stalin had recently made it clear you could be killed if you spot a Ukranian. Only Russians were permitted but it's hard to say what this man had done. I think my Mom was hoping I wasn't watching as she hurried her pace. Don't worry that wasn't my first memory.  I remember almost everything since I was born. It's not strange to me and the memories are pretty chill mostly.  However, I'll pop on the page only ones that will shock and entertain.

It's important to note I don't feel scared by anything that's happened to me because the human spirit is resilient.  I know the hardships I've experienced have made me a better stronger person. Mostly I just want to offer you another perspective on me and I feel stories are important but hard to tell in the current fashion interview climate. Most people know I was a child prodigy in piano just like my Mom who was a concert pianist. Not many jewelry designers are also artists but I am, so my story will be different. 


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