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Hotels City Forevah!

If you want to know me know this, I LOVE hotels, love love. Kisses under the pillow cause it's secret oh so close to my heart, yay hotels. Yesterday was Les Alicorts Resorts, cool trees house's on one side & scary creepy mini people on the other. Screaming, gummy finger & red sun burnt face's, wide eyed children with super glue knees that pick up every particle of dirt within a mile. So I put on my I'm too hot & will pretend this is a European beach not a forest outfit. 


Sorry if this offends anyone but being a single young lady when I go on vacation I want those kiddy critters miles or more away. You can't run up in these parts as I was 2 hours away from Paris. Even lunch was out of the question as I learned the peeps in every town around sleep from 12-4pm, kinda cool. I LOVE ME SOME OLD PERSON activities, seriously. Some Mr. Rogers Sh*t, love love.

So first things first, me & my sister Dasha got a badminton set at the kiddie store & booked a hotel in Paris for the next day. A lake paddle boat ride calmed our spirits as some kids face planted it near by. Being dragged by a rope, no board or anything. Drag, face plant, cry, parent running into water & pulling child out. Over & over, very Addams Family Values, I was wondering if another day here would have worked out after all.

When the sun went down alas the pee in a bag full of sawdust was upon us. Morning brought a throwing strawberries into the trees sport, I was surprisingly good or did I just bit off half the strawberry & use science, no one will tell. Ok it was time to go. So note if you come here DO NOT cross the parking lot, do not listen to the Unusual Hotels web sight were it shows the fun nature, THERE WILL BE SLIMY KIDS EVERYWHER! The childrens wave pool will have floppy parents with the disillusionment of centuries in their eyes. They will gather under your treehouse anyway discussing something you cant understand. Ok a day at a hotel is never wasted, even if you have to take a killer selfie to salvage it, not the Freedom Ring, still blinding it out even in nature! 

Visit to Cimetiere Du Pere, a must if like me you have a sister obsessed with scary movies. Note the black cat with shinning eyes behind me, I didn't say I wasn't part witchy.

Now we at Kipling Hotel, its oh so sweet, like a sugary treat on my tongue, the little flower kleenex melting my soul. And not one scream child OMG tears coming to my eyes. First things first checking business emails in the skylight tea tongue, my Mr. Rogers sweater is a Helmut Lang dress jacket, makes me feel super on it.


Warm green tea with cold cooling milk & a little honey, can't get much better. The service here is amaze-balls, writing in their room now with a free upgrade while my sister takes a pimp bath. 3 different lotions & conditioners oh yah! It's true love, goodnight & I say that in the southern Duck Dynasty accent Good Night!


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