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It's My Bday

It's my Birthday & I'm drinking tea in the jungle. Ok I'm at my favorite lighthouse in Saugerties New York, my friends who run it just made a person, who I'm going to meet tomorrow! 

For my birthday I'd like to send my birthday wishes to all of you beautiful people & smart pets who support VeraMeat. It's meant to much to me to get your amazing fan art, postcards & instagram posts about your adventures with your VeraMeat. You all make me so much more excited about improving myself as a person & opening up my life in hopes of inspiring someone. Ok fluffy stuff aside here are my recommendations for a relaxing day in Saugerties.

  1. Start with a tea and morning read at the local Inquiring Minds Bookstore.
  2. Walk over to Lucky Chocolates for a chocolate in the shape of a dog to bring to your biggest enemy back in NY. Stand in front of them as you eat this chocolate & then laugh in their face. Just hiding, give it to your best friend :)
  3. Go over to Diamond Mills to watch the water fall. 
  4. Walk up to the Lighthouse with your canoe, go. Or stand next to the water there with your best friend. Pretend you are walking on the water or take 100 of the best selfies you'll ever get in your life. Seriously this spot is SO PHOTOGENIC. 
  5. Go to Miss Lucy's for lunch or dinner depending on how obsessed with taking selfies you are. Not you can also swim here in the summer! 
  6. Orpheum Theater has the best haired ticket taker in all the land. Just blow him a kiss for me when you're walking into the theater. 
  7. Now drive over to New World Home Cooking for oysters & drinks. They have local student-art up that's sometimes good & sometimes so bad you'll need another selfie stat as close as you can get to this hideous art. 
  8. If you're lucky enough to be staying at the lighthouse brava, now go to sleep so you can enjoy the best pancakes of your life tomorrow morning. Yes they'll be gluten free. And if you're not as lucky Diamond Mills has some great views & waterfall sounds so it's not so bad. Plus their restaurant is great if you got so many bones to rub together. Ok there are a bunch of Bed & Breakfasts around here so enjoy. Don't forget to get a VeraMeat cloud eye cover from our Plus store for your adventure! 

Alright speaking of sleep. That's it for me, for now. Enjoy your day kids, just have fun, it's all always funner when you've got a light heart.


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